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T. Heritage

Tim Heritage Bio           


In 1993 Tim founded his own art gallery with an ongoing theme of the “Rainforest” to promote the conservation and preservation of the environment with art. He also designed public mural projects, such as the “World Environmental Mural Sculpture” that brought much attention, several publicized articles and media coverage. Tim has been successful in raising funds through art to support the environment, health, and education, such as the Rainforest and Stop Cancer.

Tim Heritage currently shows his unique art collection at the T. Heritage Gallery in Santa Monica CA. . He is currently working on several series of art; including his famous Animal Series, the Abstract paintings, Mixed Media collages, and Acrylic Sculptures. Beside his work, he represents several prominent L.A. artists. The T. Heritage Gallery offers its own line of hand finished custom frames designed by T. Heritage. This contemporary collection of frames is offered only after many years of research. The dynamic finishes, color variations and textures bring forth a new approach to custom framing.Born in Los Angeles, Tim began exploring his artistic expression at the age of six. By eight, a fascination and love of animals began. By the seventh grade, he found that art could be used to tell a story and drawings began to dominate his school reports. An art major in high school, wood construction became his main focus. Pursuing a business degree in college gave Tim the knowledge needed to coordinate exhibitions of both his work and others after graduation. He describes his art as an interpretation of his thoughts and feelings for which there is no right and wrong. His art explores his world of thoughts and ideas about animals, nature and man. Working also as a teacher, Tim’s philosophy is to inspire others by expanding their level of awareness.

One of Tim’s highly recognized works is the T. Heritage “Environmental Mural Sculpture”. Working together with numerous organizations since 1995 hundreds paintings have been created. This is a three dimensional mural sculpture combines over 1200 paintings. The age range and diversity of different ethnic groups represented . make this one of his most noted creations to date.